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Around 3300 BC, the ancient Egyptians used special violet glass to store medicinal products and other valuable essences. Pharmacists manufactured the glass by their own hands for their own use on a very small scale, keeping the recipe and the working powers of the glass a secret. Much more is now known about what makes violet glass so different from other types of glass and what makes this glass work as it does. Violet glass is produced by Miron glass, a Swiss company. Read all about it here!

What is Violet Glass?

The name says it all, of course. Violet glass is a very dark purple type of glass. Due to the color of the glass, the glass reflects very differently and lets the light through in a completely different way, so that it has a protective effect on products that you keep in this glass. Violet glass only allows the beneficial UVA and infrared light to pass through, and blocks all other light. As a result, it quickly becomes clear that light rays in too strong dimensions and on certain products and materials seem to have a bad effect, an effect against which violet glass can actually protect something. Tests have been done with, for example, cherry tomatoes, but also with herbs such as chives, oil, fruit, grains, and even water. Taste, smell, texture, structure and enzymes are much better preserved and protected by violet glass compared to, for example, normal glass or amber glass. This way you can preserve products without having to use preservatives that can be dangerous and affect nutrients.

How do you use violet glass?

To use violet glass and really experience its effect, you can also perform one of the above tests yourself. Nowadays almost everything is packed in plastic, which is not only harmful to the environment, but also does little to protect a product because it allows all types of light to pass through. Miron glass is reusable and keeps products long-lasting without loss of taste, smell and texture. So you too can purchase a number of beautiful bottles and jars made of violet glass to ensure that your products retain their quality extra well. This is ideal for fresh herbs in the kitchen, but also, for example, for lavender to reduce stress. You can also use a violet glass jar to store your skin care products, for example. This way, it also has a longer shelf life.

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