Why Australians Are Leaving NSW For Perth?

Why Australians Are Leaving NSW For Perth?

The coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in demand and skyrocketing property prices. International borders have been open for business as usual, and planes are once again off the ground connecting major cities around Australia and New Zealand and that means there’s plenty more travel coming. The country’s shape is changing rapidly at an unprecedented pace with people moving from bigger cities and opt for regions where jobs can be done from home.

Millennials Leaving Cities

As millennials are increasingly moving out of major cities, many jobs that would be located in those locations can now also happen from home. This is thanks to advances made by technology which allows workers all over the world access information about what they need at any given moment — especially when it comes time for packing up, deciding on where you want to live and work from. The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed last year that net immigration rates had peaked at an all-time high. People moving away from New South Wales and experiencing smaller and less populated cities like Perth where housing is still very much affordable.

In a recent survey, nearly one fifth of Australians said they plan on moving away from their current location within 12 months with more than 60 percent have already looked for removalists interstate to move them. 

House Affordability

There’s no denying it: people want out while we can still afford the house prices in regional and smaller cities.  Removal platform Find a Mover who works hard every day making life easier for those looking into relocating across state lines or even countrywide if need be. Connecting movers to the right removalists Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart and Brisbane Australia wide.

Moving to Perth

The NSW data suggests that residents are leaving the expensive housing prices in Sydney to seek better lifestyles and housing affordability elsewhere and at this moment in time. Perth and Adelaide are those cities which people are considering which may not have resulted if it weren’t for the pandemic. 

Many people have been moving away from the hustle and bustles of city life for years now, with an increasing number planning on staying put in their new home. A recent study by RAI shows that this trend is not just limited to those who live inside major cities. People are also utilizing New Zealand movers to move to Perth. The top three reasons why someone would move out are space availability, connection to nature as well as a better quality of life.

The Suburbs With Most Affordable Housing Around Perth

Medina – Located on the southern edge of Perth, Medina is one of the country’s most affordable suburbs. The neighborhood is well-served by the city and boasts many amenities, such as schools and shopping centres. The community is friendly, and houses in the $300,000s and lower range are available.

Queens Park – In South Perth, Queens Park is a hidden gem, located between the suburbs of Cannington and Vic Park. It is just a five-minute drive to the city’s top dining destinations, such as the Carousel. If you’re looking to buy a house in Perth, a rental property in this suburb could be the perfect choice.

Kewdale – One suburb near the city centre is Kewdale, with a median house price of $506,000. It is close to the CBD and is home to several major schools, as well as a number of parks. In fact, if you’re looking for a place to raise a family, Kewdale may be just the place. It is also located less than 10km from the CBD and is home to several major employment areas.

Kwinana – The city of Kwinana, with suburbs such as Lockridge, Gosnells, and Middle Swan, is another great suburb with affordable housing. Although Perth’s housing market isn’t as cheap as other capital cities, it is still a great place to live if you’re a first or second-time home buyer.

Perth’s housing market is typically slowing down in the winter months, but it is still showing signs of growth in many areas. In July, five suburbs saw the biggest increases in prices: Brabham, Alkimos, Lakelands, and Banksia Grove. These suburbs are among the cheapest places to buy a house in Perth.

Camillo – is another low-cost suburb with potential for growth. While the median house price in May rose by 14.6%, the median price there remains at $275,000 – a significant increase from May 2013. The suburb is also relatively popular, with 64 houses selling over the past 12 months.

Armadale – is one of Perth’s most affordable suburbs, according to CoreLogic’s Top 30. It’s located about 25km from the city center and boasts one of five major rail lines. It’s also located in the south west corridor, making it an ideal choice for first-home buyers or property investors looking for a low-cost house.

Gosnells – located in southeastern Perth, is another affordable suburb with good infrastructure. The suburb is home to over 20k residents and features over 30 parks, reserves, and wetlands. The city also has public transport and several local schools. It’s also convenient to the city center and Lake Monger.

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