Soul Zhang Lu and Beyond: Entrepreneurship in the Emerging World of the Metaverse

The metaverse is a rapidly growing virtual environment in which users can interact with each other and digital objects in real-time. Entrepreneurs like Soul Zhang Lu are tapping into the potential of this digital universe, creating new opportunities for business and social interactions. Keep reading to find out more about Zhang Lu’s journey into the metaverse and the innovative strategies she is using to pioneer new ventures in this emerging world. 

Soul Zhang Lu and Beyond: Entrepreneurship in the Emerging World of the Metaverse

A Visionary in the Metaverse

Soul Zhang Lu is the founder of Soul App, a new, ground-breaking social media app that allows users to create, communicate, and transact in the metaverse. Zhang Lu has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital world, with a keen eye for spotting the opportunities that lie within. By staying ahead of the curve and focusing on an app that prioritizes the user experience and interest-based connections powered by AI, Zhang Lu has managed to position her company as an up-and-coming leader in the social metaverse space. 

Soul App and the E2E Business Model

The E2E (Experience to Earn) business model stems from the rise of web 3.0 and enables users to earn rewards for their everyday activities, contributing value to the platform. As a result, a mutually beneficial relationship is created between the platform and its users, with both parties gaining from the value that is generated by user experiences. 

The E2E model encourages a growth mindset and ultimately can positively impact many aspects of an individual’s life. For example, Pokémon Go is a game that requires players to walk and explore to progress. The E2E concept aims to rewards individuals and businesses for doing good things, encouraging mental, personal, physical and social development. Zhang Lu is exploring the E2E model for Soul App, to motivate users to contribute value to the platform, themselves, and the ecosystem. 

Soul App’s Ongoing Innovation

Soul App has pursued innovation consistently since it was launched in 2016. Zhang Lu has always placed a high emphasis on traffic inclusion and creating an immersive user experience, enabling Soul App users to establish a unique digital identity in the metaverse’s digital space. This approach has built a strong sense of belonging for users, driving them to express themselves and share on the platform. 

To further enhance the services offered, Zhang Lu and her engineering team have developed the NAWA engine – an integrated SDK combining AI, rendering, and image processing to offer augmented reality video technology and multi-model perception-based interaction technology on the platform. It’s a hugely powerful engine that supports dozens of image processing effects along with both 2D and 3D rendering. 

Along with this, Zhang Lu has also introduced the Lingxi system. This is an intelligent recommendation system that leverages full-scene user portraits to deliver content recommendations that are accurate and personalized to each user. These underlying technologies are serving as a strong foundation for the transition of Soul App to the next social stage.

Already a rapidly growing social media app, Soul App is committed to growth and innovation for the future. Zhang Lu envisions an ecological cycle where Soul App can be used by individuals as a means to participate in value creation and drive efficient metaverse value flow.